Better Dead Than Red!

MUSICVID Fascist White Supremacists. Best Black Bloc Replies.

May 5, 2017


Upper-Class Contempt For The 99% Rest Of Us

March 6, 2011

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The People of America are their cows

May 9, 2010
Video below: The people of America are their cows. The dairy farm owner is the Republican Party platform.

The horror-show animal abuse case in the video below still has not been prosecuted, just as the proud, guilty U.S. GOPhers responsible have not been prosecuted for their far more vast, more deadly crimes worldwide against humanity. War crimes.

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Armed Militia Of Vets With Kill Record Forming Along Arizona-Mexico Border

April 25, 2010
KOLD Channel 5 News in Arizona reports that local militiaman Bill Davis is recruiting “combat veterans, with kill records, to camp out and patrol” the Arizona-Mexico border.

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Rachel Maddow warns about disinfo scammers' fake orgs and web sites

April 25, 2010
Watch for the Corporate-Funded Fake Activist Groups
and the Right-Wing Media That Loves Them

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