Better Dead Than Red!

The clown cars stuffed with the extremely Right-Wing Republican Party of the U.S.A., has eagerly and willingly turned itself into a monstrosity, yes.

However, in aggregate it is ripe, now; an outsourceable commodity. It is what it seems, what your ears and eyes and intellect have screamed at you just as they did while we all stood around and pulled a "The Wuss".

A commercial zombie militia available in sets of variable sizes, as boatloads or as gifts, for sale or lease just anyone; you, your spouses, friends, bidders, borrowers, perverts, thieves, liars, maimers and murderers, mirroring the falsely opposite counterfeit most highly regarded masters of this  monstrosity. No choices, no options, no deviations, no thoughts, no criticism. An amoral zombie militia created by paranoid manipulators of key fringe political acts and politicians.

Zombiemakers have high praise for the current religious belief systems’ “game show rewards” system of morality. This zombie militia was initially funded by seeding and generating fountains of tax-free, source-obscured “religious” cash.

“True believers” in Christianity self-filtered out from under these GOPher masters a little late, disappointed by the permanently meager returns for their constituents the poor and needy, the unpowerful, the People; and ashamed of the outright illegal hustles in which they had already participated.

Money has a stronger-than-usual grip on every part of our country. It won’t be easy to de-value the value of money in order to undercut their biggest powers, though it’s been done before, and it will happen whether by our choice of manipulations or through the financial profiteers’ allies-be-damned manipulated “crashes”.

The power-craving, religion-supremacist blocs of zombified militians give all the corporate money with which they can speak to the Republican Party. The “volunteer” zombie minions operating their masters’ campaigns from below, and the zombified Republicans who can still make it to the voting booth and remember how to move their hands to vote, these comprise the corpse of the zombie GOPher militia, and they gave their all, long ago.

Zombie Republicans can’t breed, of course. So they infect living children when they have them held as captive audiences, everywhere they turn, eventually getting to nearly every child.

This explains why they are content with FOX, and their children are unable to be around regular kids in regular schools. All other excuses are unbelieved.

They cannot compete, period.

Zombie GOPher militians can only be faux parents, as they are toxic waste dumps of deviant violence, obsessed mis-information, selected ignorance, racist supremacist xenophobic prejudice and discrimination

The zombie GOPher militias helped their masters’ to achieve for themselves the huge short-term goal of taking power no matter what, including a coup by the manipulating corrupt. Religionists glorified the promises of these self-declared godly men. Holy promises, to invest hugely in resources unrealized and dense within the poor of the U.S.A.

Nowhere near a shadow of what was promised in exchange for these violations of U.S. laws, wherein religions and religionists who do not pay any taxes on their income are not allowed to sell stuff for politicians, like elections or laws on ballots, even if they imagine their violations will be good for poor people (these were the opposite of that).

Lots of money, endless money, always, for wars of choice, though. Pre-emptive, internationally illegal wars. Trillions available immediately, delivered already and spent already.

GOPhers with existing close connections to any of the few manipulating sociopathic 1%ers are at higher risk of being downgraded to instant insignificance. They are as extremely forgettable as post-birth children are to pro-lifers, except as laborers, and as disposable and rejectable as veterans to a Republican Congress.

GOPher zombie militia members face ever-decreasing relevance and a deathtime of zombie servitude (little progress ever).

THESE walking dead don't even know that their dead (see what I did there?), disproven theories were decapitated already, in real life. Newt Gingrich walks around wearing his wife's head and carrying his own in a raggedy briefcase. He still won't shut up!

Doomed, GOPher zombies are animated by the living brains and fresh, living solutions of independent thinkers, which they cannot help but chew on and corrupt, turn all solutions into discredited, decomposing, 1%-protecting theories, laws and practices

Don’t Get Bitten By A GOPher Zombie!
You’ll Sound As Stupid As Victoria Jackson

The GOPher is dead.

dead GOPher
1960 anti-Communist rally at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles featuring people holding signs saying 'Better Dead Than Red'
“Better dead than red.” -- U.S. slogan from the 1950s, about fighting evil Communism, both real and imaginary. 

The Republican Party -- the G.O.P. or “Grand Old Party” -- has been taken over, again. The campaign strategy to enlist conservative religious organizations to vote for every Republican Party candidate, which got them into power last time, is not so strong now. Large corporations, which they've given the powers of human beings, now own the Republican Party. The people of the Republican Party are the animated expressions of corporations. Those who proudly proclaim themselves to be supporters of the not-a-party "Tea Party" are those whose lives are the corps.'s.

The religion-claiming people who supported the GOP enough to get the party close enough to steal the 2000 election (Ahhh, shut up. It's a proven fact. It's also past history, unless and until charges are filed or indictments are issued.) -- not politically driven groups like the Christian Coalition, those who were seeking government money for religions to feed more poor people -- were left with nearly nothing they had been promised. They tried again, and re-elected Bush. Worse result.

Republicans claim to be a party of
red-staters, “proud right-wing domestic terrorists.”

From top to bottom they and their followers are calling repeatedly for violence, for armed insurrection, for “soft coups” and secession. They tell easily disputed lies over and over. They deny facts in favor of ideological propaganda driven by right-wing hate radio and television.

These domestic terrorists are the enemies of the U.S.A. which they fear President Obama leads, in general and by name.

They are easily lead through fear and have been building up for a long time. They can be mobilized very quickly by every form of communication.

They are seditionists and traitors who are being fooled into forcing the government to act against them so that the same old white thieving men they just helped to vote out can force their way back into power soon somehow. True fascism is their way.

Theirs is a false, self-fulfilling and apocalyptic view of our nation’s future. They must be stopped and delayed until they see that they are participating in creating the unlivable American apocalypse they fear. It is not occurring at this time, nor is it coming soon.

The President of the U.S.A. is not secretly Islamic and destroying the nation from within as the President. There is no need to go ballistic.

Video above: The Rachel Maddow Show
Right-wing domestic terrorists incite violence.

A Comment Worth Stealing

The media must be liberal, because I keep hearing Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Bernard Goldberg, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, Brit Hume, Joe Scarborough, Michael Medved, Jason Lewis, George Will, William Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Mona Charen, Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge, Glenn Beck, Mary Matalin, Laura Ingraham, Karl Rove, Joe Klein, Bill Kristol, Michael Savage, Oliver North, Newt Gingrich and Michael Barone say so.

More Zombies!


Golddigger Beauty Queen
Sarah Palin Was Never Fit For Any Public Office

STORY: Alaskan women reject Palin

Golddigger Sarah Palin is about making money only. Whichever devil they have their eyes on installing, always-shallow Palin won‘t be it. She is already the empty profiteering husk voters recoiled from, paid for playing her role as targeter of incitement against certain Americans.

Causing self-replicating division by spreading herpes-like melodramatic projections of disastrous futures, opportunist Palin is another whore golddigger belonging to the “Regal Reds” who — like many before her — mistakenly believes this makes her a “Regal Red” too.

Anne ("Anorexic") Coulter is still holding steady as a top-producing whore for the Regal Reds with her “Buck-A-B.J. Special” (“Double It To Skip The Trojan!”). She’s gotten so good at giving GOPhers head that the GOPher's gay dogs have made her their multi-hateful, FRight-Wing, gay-bashing mascot, paying her with GOPher GLIBT's money, which we did spend at their zombie (walking dead) businesses.

Anti-immigrant, immigrant-scapegoating opportunist, and “anchor baby” immigrant, Michelle Malkin is working hard to catch up with media sluts and political whores Palin and Coulter by specializing in bestiality flicks featuring large hoofed animals on top.

 We successfully petitioned Discovery Communications

We let them know that Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve to represent the “powerful beauty of Alaska” in front of millions of people.

Discovery Dropped Sarah Palin’s Show

Golddigger Sarah Palin signed on with “reality” TV producers and Discovery Communications to star in a TV show about Alaska and its outdoors.

But the ugly reality is that as governor for only half of one term — two-and-a-half years — Sarah Palin escalated and left behind a bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign that continues to this very day. She even planned to offer a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf.

Palin also fought against increased protections for Alaska’s endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales and America’s dwindling populations of polar bears.

Basic neo-christian nationalist zombie militian in the mess hall for chow. 

These Reds are also known, still, in the United Kingdom, as Tories. The most deviant variety of North American at that time were Tories, too. Back then, they were English citizens living in the "New World" yet still loyal to England. The royalist Loyalists were non-military North American residents loyal to England. Before and during The Revolutionary War, Loyalists were traitors to the Colonies, like Texas patriots were traitors to the Colonies, the earliest versions of a country that didn't yet exist. (The U.S.A. that includes Texas didn't exist at that time.)Anti-American Redcoat
National Public Radio Audio

'NNIN No Niggers In NASCAR' t-shirt-wearing jackass

Mark this one a victory!
Congratulations, Governor Jerry Brown

Meg Whitman didn’t vote for 28 years

Calif. doesn’t need another ‘never held office’ Republican millionaire gambler for Gov.

While Meg Whitman was focused on making her own mega-millions (not that there’s anything wrong with that) she ignored everyone else in California, and the state of our state, the world-changing actions of our nation and the sacrifices made by our military on her behalf.

This is anti-American behavior, but even after not voting for 28 years, because it is the United States, it is only a public information character misdemeanor.

Now though, she is suddenly concerned about California (not herself, not her own interests, not her billions, her connections) and the interests of its residents.

Now though, Meg Whitman has a multi-media campaign which has a basic few commercials and infomercials which have been hammering on California repeatedly, daily, for months.

For 28 years she didn’t care enough about Californians to exercise her civic duty to vote. Her money, attitude and choices insulated her from the problems of the little people.

She’s never held political office.

She does not suddenly deserve to be trusted to be California’s governor because she can afford to buy enough commercials, enough advertising, to buy the office!

She must not win. We’ve got to make sure we vote and that our votes are counted.

And we’ve got to spread the word starting now. Yes, [I’m saying] it is not too soon.

Meg Whitman has already been proven corrupted because of her deep ties to corrupt Goldman-Sachs. She is not able to withstand the temptation.

Inside information, sweetheart deals, indictments, guilty verdicts, money paid back -- there’s just no way to encapsulate it all.

She’s running for governor but has now added fighting words against U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in her commercials.

Another Republican woman (I’m not interested in using her name online yet) has just begun her TV network commercials campaign against Sen. Boxer.

Add a third woman running for state or national office and it would look like the year of the (California) women.

Democratic United States Senator Barbara Boxer of California has been tested by some of the most difficult votes a U.S. Senator will ever have to make.

She has earned her position as a respected, influential Democratic Senator who is especially hated by a desperate right-wing.

Through many tough votes, she has remained steadfast, strongly committed to the traditional principles of the United States of America.

She is not perfect. I've been voting for her since her campaign the same year as U.S. Rep. Susan Davis and U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein. In Calif. (and all over the country that year), it was “The Year of the Women”.

Because of several critical votes, I can only be confident that Sen. Boxer will get my vote again.

I'm not voting anti-incumbent. I'm not voting for Democrats who enabled war criminals by voting against critical criminal investigations, or for Democrats who are too in line with the more corporate-protective DLC.

The process of correction and repair from the extremist right exaggeration and rip-off for so many years may look like a frightening permanent left-ward tilt, but it's not.

In all truth, we’re not secret communists, socialists, islamists, jihadis. We’re just Democrats (no that’s not as bad).

It is said the nation generally spends most of its decision-making time slightly right of center, with social agreement at slightly left of center.

We're way out of balance, so far that the Bill of Rights is successfully being argued against by theocrats.

Where there is a progressive Democratic candidate capable and available to replace a less-convinced Democrat, I'm going to vote for the progressive Democratic candidate every time.

In addition to protecting what we’ve got, we Democrats may want to invest extra time sharply focused on gaining seats. The best defense in football is said to be a good offense.

This is 2010, in the U.S.A. We are not zombies. There are a lot of zombies.

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young white brownshirt male waving red flag of Together We Can Enslave (save) A Generation

A young white Christian male, wearing a brown shirt (really, that’s the way they made the poster!) and waving the red rallying flag of against a background of “heavenly” clouds.

Together We Can Enslave
(originally “Save”) A Generation

TeenMania’s BattleCry really doesn't care which generation, they know the first is coming and they will be ready.

The sooner the first generations are sufficiently enslaved to the neo-christian nationalist agenda in heart, mind, and “soul”, the better it will be for TeenMania.

So far, they are building personality-based, rock-star-like followings, touring (mainly) the U.S.A., creating reliable, long-term, dominionist-religion-based voting blocs at a critical time in young people’s minds. Their touring rock concert revivals and youth-based online campaigns feed back and forth. Non-stop, live propaganda for non-stop Dominionist programming.

FLASHBACK to Dec 22 2003

"Separated And Unequal"

Dangerous Government Policy Alert USA
Color Reflects Current U.S. Terror Alert Level
Although the Officeholders Are Different in 2010
The Color (Still) Reflects The Current U.S. Terror Alert Level

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